Mercury Chapter No.4581

Mercury Chapter is very keen to accomodate new members and invites you to approach the contact provided on this site or a known member about joining. This person will be your proposer. A seconder will be introduced to you to support your application.

It is a requirement that you are already a Freemason under the UGLE constitution, of good standing, before you will be allowed to join a Royal Arch Chapter under the Supreme Grand Chapter of England and Wales. If this describes you, please contact us directly by email for which addresses are available under Contacts, or use the website form, where if you prefer we will contact you.

If you are already a Royal Arch Companion looking to join us, we will also welcome your application, and assure you of the warmest of welcomes. Again please feel free to contact us by email or the contact form.

Membership requirements are basically the same as to become a Freemason, that is: You must have belief in a supreme being. You must understand that there is no pecuniary advantage in being a mason and we do not favour members in business or other matters. The minimum age for membership is 21years. Membership is restricted to males.

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